GPS轨迹记录仪 GPS track recorder



•    GPS轨迹记录仪是一款适用于户外旅行者或者户外测量单位的便携式产品。

•    此次设计要求为便携、方便收纳、时尚,考虑到户外旅行者需要携带的东西比较多,所以此款作品的体积非常小,并且显示屏保护壳设计为钻石切割效果,凸显产品的时尚、高档次的特点。

•  The GPS track recorder is a portable product suitable for outdoor travelers or outdoor measurement units.

•  The design requirements for portable and convenient storage, are considering outdoor travelers need to carry more things, so this section works very small, and the protective shell design display for diamond cutting effect, highlighting the characteristics of fashion, high-grade products.
服务内容     外观设计,结构设计,设计研究
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